Bear Gall Bladder

Discussion in 'Bear' started by WickedGoodOutdoors, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. WickedGoodOutdoors

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    Bear Gall Bladder: I keeop reading that it is worth a lot of money sold to the Asian markets.

    Are there any buyers in Maine?

    Do you Guide sell the Gall Bladders when you gut out your customers Bear.

    What about the hides?

    Where can you sell Bear and Moose and Deer hides?

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  3. kenton6

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    You better check with the state and make sure it is legal to sell bear parts. Big fines in some places.
  4. Cap'n Jack Duggins

    Cap'n Jack Duggins
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    Yes you can sell hides and g/bladders to registered hid dealers. Contact IF&W for a list.

    Most outfitters get the gall bladders and never mention anything to the client who shot the bear. Guides don't usually get them unless they are the outfitter.
    Bladders were worth around $30 last I heard.
    Hides aren't worth much, $25 to $40 for a very good cape at some taxidermists.
  5. strings54

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    galls and bear parts can be sold with the legal shooters info. keene new york had a taxidermist that will buy them all. as for me,it goes to the gut pile! for the amount you get its not worth the time to tie it off and freeze it or skin it to make it a profitable thing. if you want to go the illegal route then there may be a worth, but not this dude!
  6. aroostookbasser

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    Viagra killed the gall market....... and hides are just not worth the trouble. Skulls/teeth and claws can get $$$$$$ from natives for crafts and such..but too much trouble.
    Who has Dermistad Beetles and bleeching tanks?
  7. Cap'n Jack Duggins

    Cap'n Jack Duggins
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    Here is the law as it stands right now;

    2. Buying and selling wild animals and
    wild birds. It is unlawful to buy or sell
    any wild bird, turkey, deer, bear, or moose
    • Plumage of legally taken wild birds
    may be bought or sold as provided by
    Federal law;
    • The head, hide, antlers, and feet of
    lawfully possessed deer and head,
    hide, antlers, feet and bones of moose
    may be bought or sold;
    • The head, hide, teeth, gall bladder, and
    claws of lawfully possessed bear may
    be bought or sold.

    AB, I need to get some beetles soon, myself! Check on , someone always has them for sale, off & on.
  8. aroostookbasser

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    Thanks Jack..............will check it out really quick later.

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