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Custom Cabins

Discussion in 'Advertise' started by BRUINDOG, Apr 18, 2007.


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    We build custom cabins and cottages of all sizes on your lots all over Maine!!

    The timbers are 4 inch thick milled hemlock logs which are used for interior and extra walls. Most cabin builders use pine, but with hemlock, you get a longer lasting product that resists rot and insect damage. Hemlock is also far superior in streangth -vs- pine and has minimul cracking during the drying process over many years. The floors and ceilings are built with #1 2x6 tongue & groove southern yellow pine which is a very hard species of soft wood that is long lasting and add's beauty to the interior.

    Packages are built and custom designed to your needs with many options to choose from in kichens, baths and bedrooms. Porches can be oversized and screened in at the customers request.

    Prices are for the package only, the price for building will depend on foundation selection, interior fixture selections, plumbing and lighting types. Prices reflect wiring, doors, and sliding windows being included. Some packages include bunk beds as well.
    Custom wood cutain rods, tables, chairs, beds, porch swings and more can be bought with each package at affordable prices.

    Most models can be set on our state of the art post system that resists frost and settleing. Larger models will need a cement foundation and frost walls.

    Each cabin can be stick built with kiln dried lumber instead of milled logs at a 15% discount from the total package price. We offer a large number of stick buit designs as well using only the best quality products!!

    Contact us for complete details and floor plans. Smaller and larger cabin and cottage designs are available!!
    Prices start as low as $6500.00 for basic 1 room cabins!!


    Phone: (207)649-8376

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