First year coyote hunting, any tips.

Discussion in 'Maine Predators Hunting' started by rustyinmaine, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. So I got my gun ( 223 savage axis), my call, my thermals, and 2 yotes on the trail cam last week.
    Going out for the first time friday/ Saturday. Looking for any pointers from all types of hunters.
    No bait, but have a butcher shop down the street with plenty of guts and bones. Should I put out pile or wait to see if any show themselves with the call.
  2. do you have room in your dooryard for a bait, you'll need over 100yds and no neighbors in the way. safety safety safety motion detectors and a way to get light out there. bait at your home is best cause you're there if you're just going to call that's cool and I like it more. for calling, watch the wind, good camo, and be prepared for failure. if it wasn't for failure I wouldn't be successful at anything. you'll have to be persistent. setups are best over large open areas. sit in shadow as opposed to sunlight