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Maine Vue Optics www.mvoptics.com

Discussion in 'Advertise' started by stweedie, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. Visit www.mvoptics.com for information on MVO products, warranty information, and soon pictures from hunters with their trophy's shot with their mvo scopes. Any questions or picture submissions should be directed to steventweedie@mvoptics.com .

    Wanna kill these ads? We can help!
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  2. Maine Vue Optics 2006 Big Buck Promotion gives deer hunters a chance to win $5,000 for the heaviest buck shot in the state or $10,000 if they break the current State of Maine heaviest buck record. To qualify for the promotion you need only to purchase an MVO riflescope, properly fill out and return the product registration card before opening day of 2006 firearms season, shoot your deer using this scope and follow all the rules and regulations of the Maine Deer Season! Happy Hunting!
  3. kenton6

    kenton6 Administrator

    Sweet Deal!!! I better get me a scope and start stacking up the lead to insert inside the deer so I'll win. :lol:
  4. Available this Fall for the "old school" hunters the "Post and Crosshair" reticle will be available in two MVO models, the 2-7x32AO and the compat 2.5x20
  5. New for the Fall of 06' MVO's Maine Guide series 6-24x50AO scope will be availabe with "target knobs" and an etched glass fine crosshair reticle for all you target and long range shooters. Email: steventweedie@mvoptics for more information.
  6. Kelly Ross a guide/outfitter out of Manitoba Canada just completed his product review of some of the MVO scopes he used over the past Fall. He is also an outdoor writer that writes for outdoor publications including Sports Afield. The review can be read in full on line by following this link http://www.skylineadventures.ca/index.html
  7. kenton6

    kenton6 Administrator

    Great review! Looks like another satisfied customer.
  8. The big bucks contest will be extended into the 2007 season as no one won this year. We did have 4 guys register deer over 200lbs this year who will receive consolation prizes (except for me) most likely in the form of Gift Certificates at the Sporting Good Shop they were purchased from. If you haven't already get those registration cards in. You never know what you might win!
  9. Never seen these before went to read there webpage but it is gone? Anybody know why there page is no longer there?
  10. I did a Google search and found a few links to the company name, mostly products for sale but unknown how old the pages are. Copyright 07.

    Nothing newer than 2007...