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Discussion in 'Gun Clubs' started by Pa.Mt.Man., Apr 11, 2011.

  1. a good gun club around the Raymond, Gray, Windham, Casco or Naples area? I lived and worked in Maine from 2000-2001 then due to family emergencies/health--moved home. I worked all the time back then and never had a chance to hunt, fish or shoot like I would have liked to. I lived in Raymond then and worked in the Portland area. Looks like I'll be living in the Casco area now and want to find a good shooting range.
  2. I belong to the Waterford fish and game club. It is located between Norway
    and North Waterford on rte 118. Many Lewiston/Auburn members joined us
    a few years ago. Pretty much only a 30 minute drive from Casco.