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2 things about blogging

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I just thought of 2 things you may want to know.

1) Comments are open to the public but every first comment submitted by an original person will have to be approved first. Once a person has at least one approved post then they can post in the future without needing approval. This is done with all of our blogs. It helps keep them one time spammers from taking a jab and plastering the site with useless links to viagra and porn sites.

2) The other thing is posting pictures. Once you upload a picture to the blog click on the image and it will give you certain options. One option is to send it to the 'text editor'.. The text editor is basically just adding your picture to the post. If you upload it but don't add it to the text editor it won't publish.
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Steve, you could have started out with, " hey Jack you dummy" and I would have gotten the idea! <grin>

OK, 'text edit', I think I can remember that.
Thanks for keeping us straight.

I had gone in and investigated when you said you couldn't publish and saw your draft and didn't know if you were trying to post that picture or not.

But seriously to make you feel better, it took me a week before I figured out how to post an uploaded picture so instead I just linked to another offsite picture and stole their bandwidth :wink:
'OK, 'text edit', I think I can remember that.
I went to double check and it says 'send to editor'

What will happen is it will place a code in your post and you can move the code around to where you want the picture to appear.
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