2013 Deer Scout report

Discussion in 'Maine Deer Hunting' started by aroostookbasser, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Anyone got there cams out...Foodplots?

    Seeing a lot more deer down my way this summer........
  2. i dont have any trail cams out but saw 10 racked bucks in the month of july and lots of other deer...im hoping its going to be a good fall

  3. Glad to hear it!!

    Hoping for an update from Aroostook...a lot more deer being seen in the Oakfield to Monticello routes.
  4. I am deployed.... again. But, reports in southern Maine are good as usual. A few buddies of mine are building a cabin just north of Lincoln and said they are not seeing a lot of deer, but all of the deer that they are seeing look really healthy and have some size to them.

    Any indication of what the acorn and beechnut outlook is for this year? How about apples?
  5. Apples are doing fair......no word on other mast types!!
  6. I have had my trail cams up since April. Its kind of a pain to pull
    the sd cards, and replace batteries every couple of weeks, but I have
    seen a lot of deer, and know what is in the area I am hunting this
    fall. I have one very large buck, and several bucks with crazy looking
    racks. One has a left antler, that is far lower the right. Another has
    a missing brow tine, and still another has a spike on one side, and
    four pts coming out of it left. Just a few more weeks and the velvet
    will be gone, and we have some better ideas.

  7. Too bad you left The County, the herd is really rebounding up here.
  8. That's good news!!!! But I am up there fairly often.
  9. I'm seeing a few does and fawns... candy for the bucks!

    Where I hunt, it's not a bucks core area, but one for does.

    Come rut, the big boys show up ready to dance(or what ever they plan on doing), so seeing them now means nothing to me.

    Actually... I'd rather not see bucks now, because most move on during the rut not to be seen again.