2015 Bad Year for Moose?

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  1. Seen 15 cows/calfs in zone 4. One bull Saturday morning crossing road 1/2 mile from us. 1500 miles on the dirt in my zone! Calling did nothing. No sign of bulls working anywhere! Thinking they should take a couple years off from hunting. Lots of guys flatbagging this year!

  2. I have a couple of friends that were hunting the October season in zone 19.. One of them got a moose and one of them didn't.. October is a hard month to call in but I did see a few moose from some other friends that did fill their tag.. So i am not so sure that they are not there.. I have seen a lot of signs in both zone 19 as well as where my camp is in zone 18.. The moose are acting smarter for the most part..
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  3. We have educated the moose population sufficiently since 80 that it has got to get harder. Hunting the rut is the only real way to get it done! Calling is essential!

    Cruising the back country and glassing the cuts for moose has also yielded good results in the past but be wary of dropping a 1000 pound of dead weight 75 to 200 yards from vehicle access.
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  4. Your right about shooting a moose back in the woods a ways.. That is why learning to call them at different phases of the hunt can be productive.. Getting them to come out to you is a lot better but it does make for a longer day.. But as long as you know that they are there waiting them out is a big part of it..
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  5. Calling always works better than the 300 yard drag!!
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  6. Skin, quarter and carry. Seems like most are not willing to try this option in Maine, don't hear many talk about it. Maybe it is from living in Alaska for a while, but I enjoy backpack hunting, and it opens so much more area to cover. Is it easy, no, but the reward is huge and can be the difference in the season outcome, and it also helps accomplishes the important task of cooling the meat.
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  7. Better to pull it out whole than to do more work than needed. Quartering is as far as I have ever had to go when helping get one out. That's still about 250 pounds per quarter!! No fun!!
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  8. 250 pounds a quarter! You have pics of that behemoth? That thing must have had to weigh close to 1700 pounds on the hoof to get that heavy a quarter. On an 'average' large moose the quarters are goin to be closer to 90 to 140 lbs depending on front or rear. A bag of loose meat and/ or rib cage and the 'trophy'. Not light by any on your back hauling means, especially when it's a 1/2 dozen plus round trips, but...
  9. I'm not talking a haunch...I mean 25%.....or 1/4th of a moose......a quarter! It is legal in Maine to quarter a moose to get it out. That's 4 pieces!! Moose in excess of 1000 pounds are fairly common north of Bangor!!