2015 Bad Year for Moose?

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  1. No, I understand, 1/4 of a moose. For a 250 lbs quarters, you are lookin at 1700lbs on the hoof- beautiful animal, would love to see pics. I just wanted to point out again another option other then 'heater hunting' for moose in Maine. Obviously, to quarter an animal, doesn't just mean to cut it in 4 parts, it's a term. Ive always removed the head prior to cutting the animals body lengthways (I can only guess U did the same), so you loose that weight off the 'quarters', and you are looking at 5 parts of a 'quartered animal', and a 5th trip if you want that. Then there are the guts, which as you know are quite heavy, there is no reason to be carrying that out of the woods (minus heart and any other offal I like to take). Did you leave the skin and lower legs attached? I assume not, why would you if you are spending the time to quarter and plan on carrying? The hide holds ALOT of heat, you always want to cool that meat down, no good reason to leave on. If you want that fur for tying flies or that hide for leather, make another trip if need, but it doesn't need to be on the 1/4. Lower legs are good for a coat rack- I have 1 of those, sits in the garage collects dust. Trim those ribs and you don't have to carry that bone weight either, place it in a game bag with the tenderloins, back straps, brisket and neck meat- 6th trip. Get you 'trophy' pics in the woods, natural. For the legal 'quartering', as per the Maine Moose Hunter's Guide circulated by Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (page 6): '...it is much easier to cut the moose into several pieces to bring edible meat out of the woods, but leave the viscera, lower legs, rib cage, head, and hide in the woods. Evidence of gender must remain attached to at least one part of a dressed animal if it is dismembered and transported in several pieces.' sooo, I'm on your side, the weight of a legally, properly quartered animal, weighing 1700lbs, minus head (not part of the 4 pieces), guts, hide and lower legs would weigh close to 1000 lbs = 250lbs quarters. if any of these parts are left on or carried out, it's on that persons own will, not a requirement. If someone wants to double check w/ fish and game, I wonder if the back bone and pelvis are even required. The total meat on a moose of this size is around 600lbs, and these numbers are all based off a 1700lbs moose, a trophy by anybodies standard. Get off the roads, find your trophy and a story of a lifetime.