2017 Maine Moose Hunt

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  1. Departed on Oct 8th and hunted with Northern New England Outfitters in the Upton Maine area, zone 12 for moose. My wife and son were permit holders. Walked a lot of miles, with a low of 7 and a high of 12 miles, Monday thru Friday. My wife was really stressed out with all the walking half of it straight up to hunt some remote cuts, one at 3200 feet. I had to give her some pep talks.[​IMG] A lot different than hunting in Z2 or 4 where I had hunted previously. We found a lot of hunters in the easy spots in Z12. One day two guys walked right in front of us and shot the bull we were stalking! [​IMG] We got in on some roads real early only to have other hunters park on both sides of us. We did pass up two small bulls, but our time was running out and I was starting to think it was not going to happen, until it finally did on Friday evening.

    We were walking slowly out a skidder trail just before dark when we heard a bull grunting less than 100 yards away in the thick cut. We grunted back and cow called along with some tree raking. The bull got really angry and started hitting some trees and grunting before finally coming in. He grunted all the way in until he crossed the logging road at about 35 yards. I grunted and the bull stopped and looked at my wife and son, who were up on their shooting sticks and ready. My son shot and then my wife. The bull was hit with two chest shots, but still ran off into the brush and stopped. My son then dropped him with a shot to the neck. Their was a lot of back slapping, hugging and celebration! We only had one more day to hunt, so we really took it down to the wire.

    Bull dressed at #745, with a 45" spread. Needless to say my freezer is very full. A great trip, in some spectacular country, that we will always remember. Thanks for reading!

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  2. 35Whelen, That is a major moose, my friend. I congratulate your wife and son. Those photos are excellent. We both know that too many "hunters" are not at all considerate.

  3. Thanks, we are enjoying the meat. The mount is supposed to be ready in the fall.