22 long rifle shells

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  1. Hope this is ok to post, Fratis pawn shop, on state street hill in bangor has bricks of 500 winchester for 45.00 and bricks of 550 federal for v45.00! Seemed to have plenty.
  2. No problem........ anybody else know where there's ammo deals?

  3. Check Walmart daily. Still 20 to 22 a brick..
  4. cabelas online has 325 box of federal 22 long rifle for 17.99
  5. Just seen them in dicks and walmart both today, 25 bucks for 500 at dicks and 7.97 for 100 at wally world.
  6. seem to be showing up more!
  7. Just not when I can get down there from Rangeley.....looking for 22 LR.
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  8. Walmart is selling a brick of Remington Thunderbolts for 19.95!! They get CCI 100 packs really regular and are selling them for 8.95!!!

    The ammo comes every other day in the freight. So if you call the store do not ask about ammo, they won't tell you. Ask if they had a truck the night before. Like last night all stores had a truck. There will be ammo going out on the shelves today.

    Department managers come in between 6 and 7.....but never put out ammo first thing in my store. He waits until nearly noon, and puts it out just before he goes to lunch!! By the time he gets back it's all gone and the rush is over. Or he waits until about 15 minutes before he goes home and puts it out.
  9. My supply is getting kind of thin. I would love to get 2000 CCI Mini-Mags and start rotating older ammunition to the range bag for use.