28,000 deer approximately

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    That's how many I've shot ...... oh no. That is what the DIFW estimates this year's deer kill will be. They projected just over 32,000. I think we all come up just a tad too short.

    Most of the reason I guess was weather and feed but most reports say hunter activity wasn't too high either.

    Read more here if you want.
  2. Hunting pressure was way down up in my neck of Aroostook County this November. My guess is the lack of partridge around. Most guys just ride the logging roads up there. Plus with gas prices the way they were I didn't see nearly the amount of outtah statahs that we normally see. I know the deer where their. We saw a bunch of does, but I think the warm weather kept the bucks out of sight during the daytime. They didn't get real active until the last week of the season where I was.

  3. Low pressure is the way I like it.
    In the area I was hunting in, very few people ever got out of the truck. When most folks in the area stay in thier vehicles the deer come closer to the road, I only had a threehundred yard drag this season.
    I agree that the price of gas may have had something to do with the lack of traffic.