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3D shoots? anybody know of any around?

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just checking to see if some of you ladies and gents may know of any 3d shoots or even indoor tournaments? Or where to go to find a list of dates and locations?
thanks in advance
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Good luck.... last place I heard of up this end was Bangor had a club... and up in Fort Kent or Fort fairfield.... no regular events and no standing range that I have been able to locate.
look at for a list of indoor and 3D shoots they hold. They're good folks and are 100% behind the sport and the shooters. If your into traditional, keep in mind the Poke-N-Hope shoot. I'll postthe dates as soon as I have them.

Thanks Cane , that was very helpful... if you come up with anymore shoot scheduals please let me know ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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