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A bear came sniffing around my parked truck

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I live in North-east Florida, and though there are bears in isolated pockets in the area, they are still rare enough that one can easily grow up here and never see one.

A few years ago I joined a hunting club that butted up against the south end of the Okeefenokee Swamp. I had gone in early one morning well before sunrise and sat on my stand until late morning. I returned to my truck and discovered that a fairly large bear had ambled up and stood up against my driver’s door, presumably sniffing around the handle or looking in the window. His prints looked to be about 8 inches across. I wasn’t frightened so much as just had a weird feeling that he was still watching me from somewhere.
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That's kinda cool in a way. I recall the commericial on TV where the people leave the donuts in their van and the bear rips the door off and destroys the inside of the van for those donuts. Did you have anything like that laying around?
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