A Bowhunters Challenge

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  1. I challenge everyone who reads this to take a kid hunting. Be he/she ten or 18. Not only do I challenge you to do it..I want you to post your affirmation here and post your pics in the gallery.
    The kid you save could be your own !!!!!!
  2. kids and hunting

    My son is now 13 weeks old. He already has 2 rifles. No, he didn't shoot them yet!!! He will be in the woods as soon as he can walk and I will have him tagging along during hunts by the time he is 3. Gotta start them early!

  3. Mine's 5 and he shoots a bow already....won't be long now.
  4. Both of my kids have been shooting guns since they were three, now both are shooting bows every saturday at a local archery shop.
    My oldest (my daughter) will be going on a Turkey hunt with me this spring. She loves hunting and fishing.
    She made sure I got this pic of her with one of my bucks. :thumb:
  5. My son has been with me on every hunt since he turned 5. We have been trapping partners since he turned 7 and he also takes me along on his fishing trips. The ole boy is 14 now and all ready has big plans for this fall.
  6. Last year took my wives twin sisters 14 year old son out to hunt deer in Pa where they live.He got a nice spike buck and was tickled pink as it was the first deer he ever shot.Later I'll take down the picture I have and post it.
  7. A new challenge for 2007

    I challenge all of you to take a kid hunting and show us your success. post your pics here and in the gallery.
  8. wow so many readers but no pledges or posts? What the______ are you waiting for.......voice it or be prepared to hear silence. Your kids are counting on you to speak for them so they can speak for you.....and for their kids!!!!