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A Farewell To A Cherished Father

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Good-bye Dad,
I hope you're in a peaceful place now and the hunting, and fishing is the best you've ever had.
You were the best father a son could ask for. You were my best friend, my favorite hunting and fishing partner, and I will think of you every time I'm in the field or on the water.

I know the last two years of your life were a living hell for you, and it hurt me to see you go through that pain. I am thankful that your pain has stopped, but saddened by the fact that our time togeather has also come to an end.

I will move on now, and continue to spend time in the outdoors with my children, and hope they adore me as much as I do you. I will remind them of you often, and I'm sure they will remember you for ever.

Be at peace Dad, and enjoy the Heavenly outdoors.

In Loving Memory Of My Father.....

John E Tweedie

5/26/40 ----- 9/4/06

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My sincere condolences to you LJ and your family. I have you in our thoughts and prayers.
A great tribute, John! He sounds like he was a great man and father.
Keep your chin up and make him proud.
Take care...

Thoughts and prayers go out to you and the family LJ.
Sorry for your Loss LJ. You and the family are in my thoghts and prayers.
Same here.
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