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A Good Day of Hunting

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Two hunters were dragging their dead deer back to their car. Another hunter approached pulling his along too.

"Hey, I don't want to tell you how to do something ... but I can tell you that it's much easier if you drag the deer in the other direction. Then the antlers won't dig into the ground."

After the third hunter left, the two decided to try it.

A little while later one hunter said to the other, "You know, that guy was right. This is a lot easier!"

Where the other added, "Yeah it sure is, but we're getting farther and farthur from the damn truck."

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True story!

I was rifle hunting about 15 years ago on opening day in PA. I shot a 6 pt buck and just got it out to the road. As I got it across the road to my truck I noticed another hunter that just started heading in the woods on the truck side of the road. He saw me and came out to see my deer. The guy asked, "Where did you get him?" I pointed to the side of the road opposite of where he was heading. He then immediately set off in the direction from which I just came, as though I left another buck tied up to a tree for him to shoot! I've always thought that was kind of comical.
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