AB wishes to apologize for killing thread

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  1. It was clear to all who read the comments that we all have different views.

    AS MJ pointed out: I initially endorsed the free exchange of political views. But it was obvious that it was going "way out there" really fast.....

    Did anyone know Browning A5 was a silent witness to our debate...and there he is in Afghanistan risking it all for you and me. He never posted...but he read our words, in silence.

    AS "brothers of the field" let's put aside our personal opinions and join as brothers to protect all of our rights. Our hunting traditions are too endangered to allow politics to seperate us.

    I truly and honestly apologize if I have hurt anyone's feelings........
    God Bless.
  2. No need to apologize AB. I initiated it...

    We all have our beliefs in what happened. I updated the rules and regulations and you can read them in the Lounge forum pinned to the top.

    I simply said we should all refrain from both Religious and Political discussions. It just doesn't line up with our Goals here at MHF and only builds stumbling blocks for what we want to accomplish.

    There are a ton of Politics boards and blogs out there. We should keep that talk for those sites.

    And I am not mad or angry with anybody. I just didn't want the topic to get to that point where we all held resentments towards each other.

  3. Don't sweat it....we are all adults and should be able to have discussions without getting personal or holding grudges. I don't want to start anything new, but no one ever refered to US soldiers or their actions in any posts in the thread in question. While the thread was entitled US soldiers, the conversation ended up actually having nothing to do with them and was in no way meant to target them or their actions.