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adding permissions to license

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I have been waiting for nearly a month now for someone from Augusta to answer what I thought was an easy question regarding my guides license. I will ask here because I am sure someone has done the same thing and can help. I would like to add a permission to my license, so do I fill out the application as a new applicant, or is there a different procedure I need to follow where I am already licensed as a guide? Thanks
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I would just call 287-8000 and ask for whoever is in charge of guides licenses! They answer the phones there from 8am to 5pm I believe.

I made the switch from fishing/tidewater to Master but it was so long ago I don't remember the procedure. Of course they have changed so much of the process I'm not sure how it goes now.
Give them a call!
You will have to call Maryanne and set up a date. MadJack had the number. If you have a hunting, fishing or recreation, you'll just have to take the written, since you only have to take the oral once. If you have a license other than those three, you'll have to take the oral and written. If you let your license expire, there's a grace period where you don't have to re-take the oral, but I'm not sure how long it is. These requirements were in place in Sept of '05, so there shouldn't be much change.
Thanks Guys; I have called and I have sent e-mail to Maryann, and have received nothing for a reply. I will call again and see what happens. I hold Fishing, Tidewater, and Boat Operator now, and want to add Hunting. Canerod, that will be great if I only need to take the written test, that means only one four hour trip to Augusta and back.
I finally made contact with the people at IF&W on Friday. Canerod, you are right. All I have to do is submit the application marking the upgrade box (which isn't there) mail in the fee, and I will only have to take the written test. After they process my application, a calendar with test dates will be mailed to me, and I can set the date to take the test. Thanks again guys.
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