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Our Throckmorton, Texas outfitter has given me 4 spots for an after Christmas hunting special. This hunt takes place in Throckmorton, Texas which is 2 hours by vehicle west of Dallas, Texas. It is any 3 days during Dec.26th through Jan. 1st. Arrive and hunt that evening, hunt all day the next day, hunt the following morning and leave by noon. Lodging in a bunkhouse included and you can harvest 1 buck of any size and one doe. The outfitter said they killed a nice buck yesterday and seen 15 more bucks and they're hungry and really hitting the corn finally. Bucks anywhere from 120's to 140's will be a ballpark average for the shooters but they do have some bucks up to 160 class running around on their properties. I sent Todd Ray from "just shootin" on this hunt year before last for $500.00 and he killed a upper 130 class buck. This is a free range hunt too. If you want one or all of the spots call me toll free 1-877-647-9926 or you can email me at [email protected]
God Bless.
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