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Alaskan Guide Mauled after a couple of costly mistakes

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This guy is lucky he lived to tell about it. Rushing in to track a wounded bear and then having your gun jam.
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not me

I'll stick to deer and turkey!
I can't nor do I want to think about what it must be like to be conscious or even semi-conscious while being consumed by a bear!
Can't see the artical unless I sign up. Screw that! Copy & paste next time so we all can read it!

I lived in AK in '03 and can tell you first hand, when a griz wants something they usually get it. If a guy is using a semi-auto, he should have someone with a bolt action backing him up. Everyone I know in AK who hunts bear would never use a semi-auto.

With a griz, you are NOT at the top of the food chain! I had to kill one to keep it out of my home. She was looking for a last meal before winter and my wife, daughters and I were on her menu!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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