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Alexanderia and Garrett Conovers new book

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Winter Forest Thinning
How not to react to a life or death situation

perhaps aww should ban them for the duration of the time it takes for the trees to grow back in the aww
also i feel their Guides licences should be pulled.

this was all for the glory not for their surivial i believe that in like situation most everyone that knew the Maine woods would just have turned around and gone back it was that simple if it was you or me the state would have us up there playing pickup sticks before we were crucified
also i believe the State Bureaucrat who issued them the permit should seek other employment soon

Gee i just had to put my canoe in at John's Bridge it was a life or death situation.
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Agreed! There was bad decisions made from the get go. David Soucy who issued the permit, evidently did so without thinking things through. I guess he ASSumed something like this wouldn't happen.

What interesting is it appears that he has enough influence on the media that no one is printing that in the same report the papers talked about, a memo was part of that report that said Soucy should never have issued that permit.

The other major bad decision in my book is why they didn't abandon the trip when the realized what they were going to be up against. They were heading south. Did the think the ice would get better?
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