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Am looking for a guide for Moose

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Hi Guys
My partner and I have drawn a Maine moose tag for Oct and
are scrambling to get a guide for zone 28. I know there has to
be some good guides out there looking for a couple clients. Am
looking to get this settled asap as my partner has elk hunt
scheduled for middle of Sept and we dont want to wait til last
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Welcome to the forums. There should be a few people on here that can probably point you in the right direction. I am assuming you are looking for a place to stay and the whole nine??
Looking for a guide who can put us on a bull moose first and foremost.
Would prefer meals and lodging but that can be flexible.
Come on guys, help the fella out. At least welcome them two to Maine... :roll:

If anybody is wondering Zone 28 is Washington County.

By the way, Maine is beautiful that time of year and I hope you enjoy the Maine woods while you are up here. We will find somebody to get you guys out there.
I have sent out an email to a friend of mine who runs a guide service in Maine. He is also active with the Maine Guides Association. I asked him for some help for that zone.

I'll see what else I can do. I waited boys because I wanted to give any guides here a chance to jump in and offer their services and/or assistance.

I'll get back to you.
I'd love to if they had a tag a bit closer. WMD 28 is way out east and I don't know of any accomidations there, or an hotspots in that area.

I wish you guys lots of luck & hope you get a trophy!
Well I got a little bit of info I can pass on to you.

One guy forwarded this to me:

First, I'd tell them to make a resrvation at this place, now. Airline Snack Bar and Motel, Rt. 9, Beddington, Maine 04622, Phone: 207-638-2301. It's 1.5 miles from the Washington County line, to the East. It also has Fuel, Resturant. Once they cross the Washington County line, there are logging road going North and South off the Airline [RT-9].
A couple people agreed that you would not be disappointed with Scott out to Hillside Game Ranch, contact info : [email protected]

He then posted a ton of email addresses to Guides in that area:

Personally I would contact Scott and that email address and see what he has to say.. Let us know what you find out.
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Looks like Scott is your man. I got another email directing you to him specifically. He even gave me a phone number. Let Scott Beede know you got the info from Bob Rennie of Lawrence MA.


Let scott know that you got the info from bob rennie of Lawrence mass
I know a couple of guides in the area. I will contact them to see if they can help.
Thanks for help guys really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Please let us know how you make out and if we can help further. Of course payback begins with a picture, followed by some moose meat that we'll all eat at the big party you through that will last all weekend, with free food and beer. :givebeer: :bana:
Did somebody say beer? :beer:
Anyone ever hear of Wayne Gatcomb from East Mahias? My partner said the game warden gave him a reference.
I haven't personally. Maybe somebody here has.
Where is potato man when you need him?
So did you find a guide yet? Were you able to contact Scott? I am just curious... :confused3:
Sent Scott email did not hear back. My pard is liking what he is hearing about Wayne. We are going to make a couple more calls tonight and
commit to someone by Weds. Thanks
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