and another this am

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    this one was cool as I was walking back to my chair from putting out the call I saw a coyote about 50 yds from my chair . I stopped right there out in the open and he didn't see me, he started to trot toward me then stopped and went back and entered the woods. of course the gun was at the chair. I got to the chair and set up and started with lip squeaks and then pup in distress and in a couple of mins out he came headed toward the call, he stopped broadside and I shot him, a male 28lbs
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  2. While hunting, if a call of nature has to be answered, I always take my gun with me. Murphy's law, you know.

  3. Had a coyote come to the turkey call opening morning and the big 10 took care of her, Then jumped another one out of a den on the way back to the truck, rolled him but couldn't find him after.
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  4. wow that sounds cool, were there any pups in the den? certainly added to your turkey hunt, way to go
  5. I poked around with a stick but couldn't hear or see any.