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Animal Rights Idiots Picking on Trappers

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The Animal Protection Institute is threatening a lawsuit against Maine and Minnesota, if those states don't end trapping. It seems a few lynx and bald eagles have been errantly trapped over the past few decades and this group wants to use the Endangered Species Act to further their own agenda which is to stop trapping.

The Wildlife Alliance of Maine, although haven't joined in the lawsuit, has been giving the California Nutjob Group information to help them with their case.
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One Lynx and one Eagle and both many many years ago before trapper education came to light! Antiquated information isn't going to help them any.

The State of Maine has applied and I think recieved a "non target catch" permit from the Feds to prevent this kind of suit. Stupid West coasters don't have a clue what Maine is doing...

I say let them spend their money.
Cap'n Jack....
There was 2 lynx trapped this year that reported due to their deaths. Both were caught in legal sets, that were placed for fisher and marten. As long as the lynx continue to thrive here in Maine, we will forever have a chance of lawsuits from those wacko's.
Do you think Skip Trask is correct when he says he and other trappers number the lynx into the thousands?
Personally I believe that Lynx are not endangered at all! I believe the natural habitat of the Canada Lynx is wherever the Lynx THINKS is his. I don't think that because we have put a border somewhere near the edge of his territory makes the Lynx endangered.

Why doesn't someone in the US Forest Service put humans on the endangered list for northern counties of Maine? Just because the economy there is not as good as Boston and people are both dieing off and moving out of that territory, because Maine's northern counties don't have the human population of Portland & Boston, they must be endangered.
There was a write up in the NWSJ a couple months ago --- the guide is a well known bobcat hunter in this state, he stated he saw up to 30 lynx track per bobcat track in the NW part of the state. I believe we have more lynx then most ppl think in northern Maine. But this is just my opinion.
When asking the state how many lynx they had, and they had no answer? Ex warden Dan Glidden from Alagash stated you have thousands.
Even the feds at one time thought listing the lynx in Maine was not needed, because of this being their southern most boundry. That Maine's lynx population comes and goes, But the anti sued or threatened to so now we have the listing. And a Federal biologist that seems to do (or be an anti himself!) what the antis want.
I hear the State wants to fight this lynx suit, but it will be up to the Attorney General. The same man who advised the state to stop the coyote snaring program because of a threat of a lawsuit.
Seems to me we're paying out alot of money to a wildlife department that can't manage wildlife as they see fit. The control comes from anti's outside and inside the wildlife department.
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