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Animals in Maine

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Getting ready to buy some land up in maine, and thinking about getting my guide license, who can tell me what animals are up there. Is there any wolf and mountain lions up there in the northern part? thanks
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Depends on who you ask. You can't hunt either wolf or Mountain lion. What type of guiding you looking to do? Don't get me wrong I love Maine but I would think its a hard place to break in a new guide service. Hunting seasons are short up there and if your looking to spend money other parts of the country maybe a bit easier to establish a new buisness. Good Luck
maine animals

No im not hunting for wolf or Mountain lion, i just hear tells that they where there and some tells that they was not. I will be working on getting my registered guide license to do guide for the moose, bear, deer and turkey. Plus i have not went up there to see my land yet im buying, and im just buying it for hunting, never been up there yet and was just wondering what type of animals are there, not to much here in ohio at all. thanks again
I thought Ohio has all of these huge bucks! One interesting thing I heard about Ohio...If you get permission to hunt a property, you also have to get signed permission by the surrounding landowners in case you hit a buck and it crosses onto another parcel. Anyone else here about this?
I think here if you hit one, the law has to be called and i think sometimes they let you have it, if its worth eating. Yes theres alot of deer here and pretty easy to take a bow out and get them, well i know its pretty easy for me because i use a crossbow, i just want to hunt different animals for a change. Now the turkey, i gave up on them lol, toooooooooo hard to hunt.
I thought the challenge was the reason we hunt! Not too many hunting season's here in Maine where you have try to be invisible with ten pound mosquitos and blackfly swarms chewing you to pieces while you wait for a gobbler to get into shotgun range.
Lots to hunt...but shoot all the coyotes you see!!!!!!!
I'll second part of what Moose said.
Depends on whose version you want to listen to. The official one or one from the natives.
And yes, stweedie gave you a link that will lay out the different kinds of wildlife that the MDIFW manages.
Where's you land you are buying. Maine is a long state, north to south and makes for a wide range of weather and wildlife.
Im buying 200 acres up in North Amity Maine, and Im buying 60 acres up in Washburn Maine. Now let me guess the weather will be something big up in them parts, how about the wildlife? thanks
Weather and Wildlife and big up Washburn way for sure. Just a matter of finding the wildlife! A seasoned Northwoods guy like you and your partners should be able to track em' down though. I'd like to see one of Northern Maine's heavy bucks shot on your show if you guys have the time and energy to spend trying to get it on camera.
What show? Can I kill a bear with my bow on it?
ccobbett is part of the Northwoods outdoor tv crew. They're affiliated with the Northwoods Sporting Journal. Correct me if I'm wrong Cobbett.
I lived in Washburn for a number of years. Deer are big, but far and few between. Moose pop is good, bear pop is good, some great snowshoe hunting, partridge like anywhere seems to be hit or miss, waterfowl hunting especially along the river is good. You can find pockets of flooded timber in some places that hold good numbers of ducks. 60 A is not much but your not far from Sections of Timber Companies woods. Land access is not as much an issue as it is other places. Some good trout fishing up that way. I still have family in the Washburn area and I travel up there a few times a year. Maybe once you get set up I'll stop by for a coffee and meet ya.
Moose do you know anything about around the North Amity Maine area, i have 200 ac there. Yea sure we can probley do some hunting up there together, you might to show me some of them hunting tricks lol. thanks for the reply
I never have hunted in that part of the county(NA) Most of my hunting has been in the Washburn, Ashland, Portage, Limestone area. Those two tract of lands are a fair distance apart. Be interesting to hear what diffrent animals you'll have and hunts you can offer. Deer Hunting as a whole in Aroostook County is a big challenge, I suspect a very hard hunt to sell to out of staters. Something else I think you'll find is that 200A in Aroostook County is more like 50 A in Ohio. Takes a lot of land to support a critter in N Maine. Where do you plan to live? Washburn or N Amity? Its a haul between the two especially when there is poor weather.
No No No. We are not part of the journal. That is one reasonm we had to change our name to Northwoods Adventures TV. People were always putting us with them. I used to write (7 years) for the journal and know vic real well. But we are a seperate buisness.

I hear ya on the big Maine bucks. I love to hunt here for deer, but rarely get it on tape. We have one small 6 point from the coast on tape and that is it. Maine is just such a challenge, that is what makes it great.

Nate and I have killed some brusiers in the past few years in Maine just with no camera dude. We get almost all of our Moose, bear, and turkey footage here in ME,NH, and NB. But for deer we travel to burn tape. It is tought to get someone to follow you around for weeks to try to get a ME buck on tape.

We are going up to Onterio and SK canada this season to try and get some Northern type hunts on tape. But rest assured we will keep trying to get that ole Maine mossy on tape.

Here are my last 4 seasons in Maine.

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Chris those are some nice bucks. Maine is a challenge and there are a lot of people I know who haven't gotten their deer in 3 or 4 years...

I wouldn't mind heading out to Ohio and shooting a couple. A friend of mine lived in Chilicothe for a while and we would sit at his kitchen table and just watch the deer move through. Later in the evening the deer would come back through the other way. I bet there were over a hundred deer that passed by over the course of the day. They weren't as big as the ones I see in Maine but there were just a ton of them...
PA hunt

It was a while ago, but I sure enjoyed the show with you guys in PA on a hunt. Loved the part where one of ya's stalked the buck bedded in some tall grass and took him after he jumped up. Like I said it was a while ago that I saw it, but I'm guessing you were part of that hunt.
If we are talking about the same hunt, that was Chris who shot it. That buck stood up and jumped twice. Chris fired and it leaped one time to the left and stood broadside. Chris shot again and he dropped like a sack of potatoes! :wink:
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