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As it gets closer to deer season the anticipation realy starts to bother me.
I can't, at times get my mind off the hunt, both past and upcomming.
I remember as a boy the anticipation that went on for years for my first season, and now the feelings return to me every fall.
I can't control it, nor do I want to.
The spontaneous arrival of all the emotions that come with the hunt is something I look forward to every year.
Those feelings before, during and after the hunt, is something I cant live without.
I look forward to the first day of hunting season, the sighting of the first buck of the hunt, and the emotions of filling my tag, dressing out my buck and the long drag out.
Back at camp I'll take pictures and a slap on the back. I'll smile and laugh while drinking a beer, and wish others luck that they get their deer.
When the season is over and we've packed up our gear, we start all over, in anticipation for next year.
Yes Sir, the anticipation is a huge part of my hunts, even though I can't stand the wait for opening day, and I hate the reality of the last.
The opener can't get here soon enough, and the last day comes way to fast.
I think you'll agree that the anticipation is like a good marinade, the longer it sets, the better the steak.
Here's wishing tender steak to you all.

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Dang you LJ! I was just thinking the other day that I was doing a pretty good job keeping those emotions in check. Now you got me pumped and I'm reeling sitting here.
You're right. Waiting for opening day is an eternity away - closing day comes too soon.

Nice post! Pant, pant, pant!
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