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Antler harvesting

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I understand many people may be out looking for antler sheds. Let us know if you were successful
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I can never find those dang things except by accident.
In Maine it is nearly impossible to find sheds that are any good. The antlers fall off after the snow is on the ground and you couldn't find them until spring. By then the mice have chewed them up pretty good. So looking for sheds is a novelty for me.
They are some work to find but there for the taking if searched for.......

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Good find. Nice cat. What's the story behind that?
Thats a 38#'er from up in Island Falls that my Dad got and had mounted. I just used it as a back drop for my shed pics. I shot the buck that dropped the top set and he was already starting to slip downhill some. The bottom five point measures 68" and if the other side was as nice with a moderate spread it would have comfortably made MASTC.

You can find them in the snow, you just have to time it right.
Here is one I found this winter, up close and from afar.

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