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Any-Deer Permits

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Hey guys remember September 8th you get to find out if you got drawn for a Any-Deer Permit.

Who here applied and is waiting?

Not me... I didn't put in this year.
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I did. Why didn't you? You know you can do it all online.
Yea, I dunno why I didn't. Just didn't... :lol:

Ithaca, we will have to do some hunting up on your land this Fall. Good luck on the 8th :D
I put in every year. I even got a bonus permit I never used for 23.
Steve, do you hunt deer in NH?
I get my license and get out a couple times. This year I've got a spot close by I can hunt and can shoot a doe the first two weeks of the season in this area. I plan on whacking the first good size deer I see with some 00 buck over there in shotgun only land.
i put in one every year i live i WMD 16 and i get it every year.. I let does walk..... I want to get a bonus for 23, have a couple buddies who live/hunt there...
I have never applied for an Any-Deer permit since its inception.
It's not that I'm opposed to it, I just haven't bothered. I also think it is a pretty valuable tool in deer herd management
Results of the any-deer permit drawings are here.
Good luck getting there. It's busy as hell and I'm going to die an old man waiting for it to load.
Tom, internet via telegraph lines is pretty slow. You really do need to upgrade to DSL. LOL
I got mine. You can always get it for zone 17.
Jack I am on DSL have been for about 3 years. It's only at my isolated camp in Maine, future home of the Snowmobile Express Route, that I have to resort to morse code style Internet access.
Congrats Ithaca! :beer:
That's great, MaineWoods....

Anybody else get theirs?? :?:
Got mine. Zone 15. Last 2 years, the only thing brown in color I could get in my scope were does and I had no permit those years; figures.... Oh well, no excuses this year!
I was suprised and disapointed not to get my permit for WMD 17!?
I always though 17 was a shoe in for a permit.
Oh well, this year I better be sure there's a rack of some sort.
Wierd taht you didn't get one for 17, I always get mine when I remember to apply. They are so many for that zone, it is cray that you didn't get yours.
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