Any inline muzzleloader shooters?

Discussion in 'Shooting' started by Cabelashunter89, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. What kind of inline muzzleloader do you have and what's your favorite load(?) for it. Ex. I have a thomson center omega and it shoots great using 2 pyrodex pellets and a 295 grain powerbelt bullet.
  2. Sorry dude...I prefer a traditional T/C Hawken in 54 caliber!!!!!!

  3. Try squirrel hunting with a .36 cal cap and ball !!!!!!!
  4. Gee, i dont know about that :) Well, if you hand one to me i'll try i guess. :D
  5. My first "birdgun" was a CVA Patriot 45 caliber percussion. It had a short 5 inch barrel. But load that with No. 6 shot and over shot card wads and it was one heck of a trappers bird killer. I carried it on the side of pack basket when trapping. I could reach back over my shoulder and pluck it from the holster whenever a stray partridge would appear.
  6. I use the TC Omega. It's kinda cheatin though I think now because they shoot just like a single shot rifle. Fiber optic sights and the works, never used it in maine but Kansas you can't use scopes on muzzle loaders so it makes it as little more old school I guess. Think I'll use a traditional this year though!
  7. Looking to drop back to 50cal or 45 cal for the wife.........any traditional muzzle stuffers out there? Lyman has the Deerstalker....and T/C has their Hawken..........any suggestion?
  8. buy me both and ill tell you which is better, then ill give you the other one back