Any luck?

Discussion in 'Maine Hunting' started by sremington, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. Hey guys and gals.. :D

    Who here has gotten their deer... or at least seen something?

    Ithaca37 is heading back up to the same spot where he shot at that deer last week. I was going to head up with him but haven't found a babysitter yet... any takers on watching 4 little brats for the day?

    Kenton6 should be coming out of the woods this afternoon sometime. He may have some good stories after being in the woods with roughly a dozen guys all week...

    Let us know how your hunts have been going...
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    I hunted Monday at The Forks, passed a small 4pt at daybreak, saw several does (No doe tag), and saw the one I was looking for, but didn't get a shot. I guided 2 guys from PA Tue and Wed in the same area. One tagged a small 5pt on Tue, but the other guy was waiting for a better buck. They went home today without filling the second tag. Hopefully, it'll cool off some. I don't know what the usual temp is for this time of season, but it seems to me that the deer aren't moving much during the day. A good cold snap would be nice. Hope everyone else is having better luck.

    Kevin Little
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  3. Get Your Deer?

    Called in one small 4 pt. Seen some does, etc.
  4. I've seen some does but none that I wanted to shoot. Someone pulled out a ten-point last Wednesday from an area very near one of my stands. I have not yet seen a buck this season. But I'm not upset about it. Just getting into my stand and having a quiet day counts as success in my book. By that definition I've had several successful hunts so far this season!
  5. Seen 3 does today, Have bucks coming to my fake scrapes, but at night. Hopefully it will cool off some. Was in a T shirt today hunting. To dam hot for Nov.
  6. Yea, it is quite warm for November. There has been a nice breeze though the last few days that helps cool things down a bit.

    Well, at least you guys are seeing some action. I will be heading out next Monday bright and early.
  7. I'll be out there with you on Monday Steve.
    My bags are packed and the count down has begun. :shock:
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    Just returned from my trip to Maine last night. The hunting was typical for where I go. ALthough hunting camp is a great escape, there haven't been an overabundance of deer in quite a few years. Slowly coming back.

    I saw three deer - two does and one buck, I believe. I say that cause all I saw was the lower half of two deer doing the "dirty". I spoke with a Game Warden that night about the odds on the deer on the back of the other being a buck and he said "don't count on it". That was the same thoughts I had.

    Loads and loads of acorns everywhere and the deer are scattered from here to eternity. Too much foliage still on the leaves in western Maine anyways and visibility was quite limited.

    Will share more later.
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    Oh, almost forgot! Good luck there LJ. I hope you have some good opportunities and let us know how it goes.
  10. Thanks K6.
    I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities. The local weather man (for the area I hunt) is predicting just the kind of weather pattern I love to hunt in, cloudy, rain, chance of snow with temps from 28 to 45 degrees.
    Raven and I will be in our glory.