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Anybody Hunting?

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Is anybody doing any hunting now? If so, what are you Hunting? Any Luck?
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I'll be hunting this Sat. for a longbeard. It doesn't look like it should take too long to get one...birds are everywhere here....they're gobblin everyday all around the house!
Turkeys 1st week of May
Just got back from a trip the SC for hogs and turkey. The turkey hunting was a little slow. I shot two toms the first night there and then nothing the rest of the week. My son found a shed on the way over to the turkeys. It was a cool night. The toms had already done most of the breading and were call shy to put it mildly. On a brighter note the hog hunting was hot and heavey. We hunted tuesday night and 3 of the 5 of us shot out. I did not see any thing but the group did well and saw plenty of game. We went back on Thursday and I taged out and my other friend missed one.

I am headed back for a hog hunt in July and can't wait.

I am going out this saturday with my friend and his son to try to get a youth hunt under our belt.

I spoke to another buddy in NB and he said the season for bear is open and the bear are moving. I am going to start heading up in two weeks.

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nice looking turkeys CC.
Congrats on your turkeys cc.

I will be hunting the B season for turkeys here in Maine. May even try a little bit of yote hunting in the afternoon. I definately will be taking my boat to camp, so will do a little fishing also.
Is life good or what??
I hunt Coyotes all year around.
Hunt groundhogs in spring threw first part of summer.
The Coyotes do kill deer people....shoot the things......
Just got back from TX. hunting Rio's.

Just me and me with one of our outfitters that we represent in TX.

Spurs/both were hooked and 1 1/16"

The beard 9"
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The does have or are having their young now. The coyotes are eating good again...........
Shoot the things...........
Put out the old meat for bait..........
Blast them all............
Use those big ol trebble hooks with meat on them......
We got to rid the state of some of those dam coyotes.......
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