Anybody shoot?

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  1. We all practice at camp or in the backyard. Anybody go to the shooting range? Any good ones you like to go to?
  2. I go to the Blue Hill Rifle and Pistol Club

  3. The property we just purchased (127 acres) has a few gravel pits on it. I'll be setting up my own range again this summer. At least this time, no one can build close enough to tell me I can't shoot! Then I can start reloading again.

    I use to love having the reload stuff always set up. I could load 3 test rounds, go out back and see how they grouped. Then go back in and fudge a little here or there and get the accuracy right down pat.
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    I usually shoot at Scarborough F&G, since my father-in-law is the range safety officer there. I normally shoot a couple of military matches a year, and check zero on the cartridge rifles before hunting season. I'll carry a cartridge rifle when guiding, but all of my personal hunting is done with either longbows or traditional muzzleloaders. I haven't shot a "normal" rifle at a deer for 6 years.
  5. commercial shooting range

    I have 4 acres to play on and I have a gravel pit there to shoot in. I thought about starting a range up here in the County but the insurance was unreal.
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    Yeah, you are right man! :(
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    I belong to the Orrington Rod & Gun Club without the requirement to belong to the NRA. $25.00/person or $40.00'family. It's on the East Bucksport Road.
  8. I guess I missed your post a while back hammerless99, I will have to look into a membership there. No NRA requirement would be nice and the price is right too. Thanks.
  9. hey A.B. i tried to find a place to shoot up there in the county but i didnt there is a place out by the airport but i didnt like now i am where i am and i can shoot all i want...:wave: by-by county
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