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Anybody trapping?

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Anybody catching anything? I started out good until I came up short on the trap count and a few mink mysteriously released themselves. Thirteen colony traps gone so far.
I'm set for otter and fisher but haven't connected yet. Could it be the rain? Warm weather?

I'll be resetting for rats and mink on Sunday if the water stays down.
How's everyone else doing?
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I went to our property to check my sets and found BOBCAT tracks in the roadway and all over the gravel/sand pits! Made 4 nice cat sets before I left.
This could be the year I get one mounted!
Finally getting some colder weather.Hope to put out some more marten sets.Can't trap today as having brakes worked on my truck.Had 2 diffrent fisher sets hit by bear yesterday and a fisher go right by one of my sets
Yeah, imagine that! It's friggin December and the bears are still out. That fisher wasn't about to stop with a bear caught in a 160! LOL
Worst November I've ever had.

5 fisher
31 rats
2 fox
1 ****
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