anyone been out

Discussion in 'Maine Predators Hunting' started by shooterme, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. I,ve been out a few times calling but to windy. Its been blowing here for a week straight. I called in a great horned owl and some crows this week. I think the wind is supposed to die down starting tonight, so I plan on going the next couple of nights. Father in law shot at one Sat. at bait sight but didn't get it :cry: Any one else?
  2. I heard a couple owls going at it today and had that same thought! Too windy, but man am I itching for some calling. I think I'll try it right after daybreak tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes...

  3. Think I'll go out tomorrow too!!!! But I'm taking my bow and field test some muzzy's a guy gave me.

    What to play..........oh yes rabbit screams.........pup yelps and close it out with a few mouse squeaks when they get in tight.
  4. If you guys dont mind me asking... what calls do the coyotes respond to/come into most and how often do you call. I bought a coyote call the other day (electronic) and it comes with sound chips with 4 calls on each. some of the calls are: pleading chicken, desperate cottontail, baby cottontail, distressed rodent, coyote howls/barks, bleating fawn. etc....
  5. When you call you need to paint a picture of sound........Start with the dinner bell and use the rabbit screams (distressed).......if you see a 'yote tone it down and keep calling to draw him closer.....switch off and add some 'Yote pup yelps to sound like a juvenile ' Yote on a kill...then go to baby rabbit cries.........when he gets real close ......but out too far .......try mouse squeaks to bring him the last.

    I've taken 'yotes at 10 yards with my bow!!!!
  6. Hey guys and gals, I called in two reds this morning right at daybreak. I wasn't feeling too good so I didn't bring the rifle, just the digital caller.
    Nothing else showed up. Before I left I wound the crows up tight! heh heh, love doing that!

    p.s. I know fox season is closed!