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Anyone familiar with Noble Carlson- Deer Tracker

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Ever hear of Noble Carlson? I've read some about him in a NAHC book I have, For Big Bucks Only. He's supposedly a legendary tracker and has taken many bucks while on the track. However, I am unable to find any other articles etc about him on the net. Comments anyone???
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Over the years I've read 3-4 articles about him in hunting magazines, but nothing too recently. I don't remember much of the detail, other than he was from Minnesota and used a sporterized bolt action with a peep sight. I've also done some halfhearted searches on the net for his name but came up with nothing.
check the library of Congress
Yes! I know Noble. He is my Grandpa.
Are you still interested in him? I am not sure how old your post is but I seen it and I had to get in touch with you.

I am noble's granddaughter. I created a Facebook page that follows what he's up to these days and what he's done in the past! Feel free to like the page too! Search "Noble Carlson- hunting and fishing legend.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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