Are there enough bear hunters?

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  1. If we are being over-run with bears. Can I tag two?

    Simple solution...........Successful hunters given extra tags to take more bears and control population. Nothing else changes.......bears remain an optional target for all the regular crowd.
  2. Moose


    Why not bring back the spring season? Think of the jobs it would create and the extra $ for the Maine economy. I guess if your going to dream dream big.... second tag be fine too but I doubt that will happen either.

  3. kenton6

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    Either of those options are viable if the bear numbers jump up high enough.
  4. I don't think we will ever see a spring bear hunt again.
    I would just love to see more hunters hunting bear. It's like the coyote issue...we have a problem........but nobody hears me yelling!!!!!!!

    Add your voice.........preserve our traditions by joining the hunt. If you want to keep things for future generations. Vote your heart with your a bear permit!!!!!! Augusta will listen when they see the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  5. Look no further then our resident indians. Seems as they are going to have a spring season this year. The way I see it, if they run a bear off their land with dogs--it is still fair game for them to shot. I think this is going to be tough on our wardens as up here there is alot of indian owned land, but its property lines butt up to paper company land. So unless they actually see the bear come off public land--they have to take the word of the indian guide.