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Are You Interested??

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My summer in Maine is rapidly running out of time. As always, I scratch my head and ask, "Where in the heck did the time go?"

We have bantied this topic around some before and now I want to put this up for debate and responses from you guys.

Would you be intererested in holding a gathering - call it what you will, picnic, campout, barbecue, party, whatever - next summer someplace in Maine?

Maine Hunting Today would choose the local and provide food etc. for a cookout if that is what you would like to do.

So here's what I am looking for from you guys.

1. Would you seriously come? We will do this but only if somebody shows other than just Mad Jack!
:lol: :lol:

2. What kind of gathering would you prefer? One day affair? Cookout? Overnight? Campout? Pitch a tent on my camp lot? Stay at the Ritz Carlton? (that won't happen)

3. And what would you like to do during this get together? Talk? Sing and dance? Go fishing? Target shoot? Buy, sell and swap? Invite Game Wardes to attend?

If we did this I realize that we can't be all things to all people and I'm sure whatever date we chose, someone can't make it because of that. If you could indicate whether June or July would be better that would help. In the future, when my schedule permits, I personally would be available most any time of the year but right now June and July are it for me in Maine.

If we get no or few responses, I will assume their is not that much interest at this time and the we aren't ready for a reunion and that's okay, I won't take it personally :lol:
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When is Tom leaving??? Maybe we can have a gathering at my property in Litchfield, just 4.5 miles from the junction of I-95 & the Turnpike at West Gardner.
Porter can run one of my boats and we can see how many we can get fishing for a few hours. Then some shooting, dancing girls and, uh, I mean, uh some good holsome activities like horse shoes, chainsaw competition (cuttin' firewood) Ax tossin', trout fishing in the brook, etc...

I like the idea and if'n nobody else shows up, JP and I will have a great feast on Tom's ticket! LOL

Actually by next summer I'll have enough space opened up for everyones tents and campers!

I'm IN!
I think this is a great idea. Looks like there are only a few of us who care at this point.

Nobody wants free beer... man! :lol:
Oh, how romantic! :D
I will continue to let this thread go as I realize that we are in the quietest time of the year for hunting.

72 views and 5 responses from 3 different people is telling me that we are not ready for an annual gathering. Perhaps this will change later on.
Tom have you thought about a gathering for 2007. We are strong in numbers and maybe worth a try again.
I'm IN!

I am still willing to host it on my property in Litchfield.
Let's see if this map works...
Zoom it out one time and you can see the TPK and I-95 4.5 miles to the East.
There should be lots of room for campers/RV's / tents.
Dennis Brook (trout) runs behind the pit and Horse-shoe pond (west gardiner) is two minutes down the road.
Anyone else interested?
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I am assuming that a get together of members is being tried here? I haven't had any experience in large gatherings other than start small....each year it will get bigger as word gets out....I work with a similar outdoor outfit called whiteblaze over at It's a hiking community for the AT(Appalachian Trail) hikers who share similar. We have a gathering each year(try to, depends on where we can get the space and close to the trail).
Believe you me...once word gets out about it,.. what a great time was had by'll evolve on it's own. We don't play games, JUST EAT! Swap stories, horror of the trail etc., meet up with old friends, some play instruments, sing, dance, fall down.. you get the don't give up on'd be great! Food does the trick everytime...don't worry about providing intertainment...the guests will be it! And each year different ideas will evolve...just remember we are trying to covert our love of hunting, lest we get off point...:)
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capt n jack duggins...
see my earlier post on this...the guy who runs the gathering for the hikers is also from your town,,,you may know him...he's on as ATTROLL.
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