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Aroostook County Buck

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Yeah, really! Like, EXACTLY where it this. Nice buck!
He's such a tease...... hey Mooseguide07.....stop making them drool. We don't have half the deer you have down south... but your deer are half the size of what we do have.

AB----Can you put me close to one like that?

That one is Mooseguide 07's personal project........ but I can get you in an area where the bruisers cruise....... Rennat's home area and John Porter's as well.....Look on a map for Crystal/ Sherman/ Patten. Lots of big deer and lots of open hunting in the logged over areas.
If the deer with the antlered one is a doe, she's a beauty! Nice looking buck too.
Nice deer Kev !!!!!!
oh oh .........looks like somebody shot a big old deer. Now that's a County buck!!!!!!

How do you know AB? Does the deer "walk" like a county buck??? :runforhills:
There aren't any bucks in the County AB ;)
I like those forked browtines, very cool.
Nice looking Aroostook county bucks. ;) can bet he walked like 200 lbs + of Aroostook County Rut......'til he didn't.
Just wish we had more of them.
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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