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ATF Bastards Raid KT Ordnance

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America's Aggressive Civil Rights Organization

June 8, 2006

JPFO ALERT: ATF Raids KT Ordnance!

Yesterday we received word that KT Ordnance, manufacturer
of incomplete (80%-finished) frames, was raided for the
alleged "illegal manufacture of firearms." KT Ordnance has
been a great asset to those who wish to purchase unfinished
reeivers with which to anonymously manufacture their own
firearms c-- a perfectly legal process, according to the BATFE
website ( ).

You can see from photos of the AR-15 kit
( and that
the product cannot possibly be a functioning "firearm" --
it's simply a chunk of metal! So how can this happen?

Early reports suggest that -- as Len Savage warned us in
his "Talkin' to America" interview
( ) -- the BATFE has
arbitrarily decided that certain products have the "features
and characteristics" of firearms. As can be expected, there
exists _no_ definition of exactly what "features and
characteristics" are in question at this time.

Other reports indicate that much of KT Ordnance's inventory
is being confiscated, and computer hard drives have been
duplicated, although the computers themselves remain at KT
Ordnance's location.

It appears that certain government agents are indeed getting
desperate. Richard Celata, owner of KT Ordnance, has been a
long-time supporter of JPFO and a staunch defender of the
Second Amendment (see our alert at ). Did the raid take
place because of his association with a Jewish civil rights
organization? Was it related to the upcoming UN Conference
on small arms ( )? Or
could it be because too many gun owners are discovering that
building their own firearms is simple, anonymous, and LEGAL
(according to the BATFE's own site -- see above)?

Details on the raid are at this time very, VERY sketchy. We
will continue to report on this outrageous, vindictive action
by the BATFE as more information comes in. Visitors to the KT
Ordnance website will note that the site is no longer online.
Richard has informed us that this was to prevent orders from
coming in during this time, as there is no way to know what
is being monitored or otherwise tracked by BATFE.

JPFO and Gun Owners of America ( are working
to establish legal defense for KT Ordnance, and will keep you
posted on our progress. In the meantime, please spread the
word far and wide about this outrageous, indefensible action
by the BATFE. Ask questions and _demand answers_ from those
in power who claim they are "friends" of gun owners.

We must do what we can to help and support our brothers-in-
arms at KT Ordnance.

- The Liberty Crew
as usual, the NRA is doing nothing, since this isnt one of their advertisers
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I quit the NRA when they went to $15 dues and terrorist tactics, because I couldn't see what they were doing except paying themselves real well!

Keep us updated and informed about this. I'm not a big fan of NRA but it serves its purpose and I agree with you Jack. Things don't add up and I am appalled at the way they spent promotional monies.

Just in mailings alone, they have at least quadrupled the annual member fees.

I need to take some time and do more research into BATFE. I have to admit, I don't follow their actions as much as I probably should.
This begs the question - Where does one draw the line? When has the government overstepped its bounds, and how should one respond?

We can sit here and bitch and moan until we are blue in the face, but the Jackbooted thugs also know as the BATFE will mach onward with the blessing the US government. Piss off the wrong person and like the Gestappo, they will make you suffer. (see Ruby Ridge
Thanks for the reminder about Ruby Ridge, Ithica. I read the page (again) you mentioned above and it all came back to me.
I think the guy who worte the article is right, most of todays youth have probably never even heard of ruby ridge. It is sad really. What that article didn't address and has been largely erased from any records was that before they cut down his wife while she held her infant child in her arms, a helicopter outfitted with a gasoline filled bladder was called off because it was spotted by a reporter enroute to the cabin. Then there is Waco, don't even get me started on that!
kenton6 said:
I need to take some time and do more research into BATFE. I have to admit, I don't follow their actions as much as I probably should.
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