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    This subject often times becomes heated and that's not what my intentions are. In my travels around and reading countless articles about ATV riding in Maine and all over the US for that matter, I see alot of similarities to the years previous when snowmobiling made its appearance in many of our back yards.

    I don't think ATVs are going to go away. Some towns are being proactive and addressing the issues while others are working overtime to avoid the issue.

    Tonight in Brewer there is a meeting there of several groups to hear the input from riders, land owners, groups promoting the sport and groups opposed.

    I would like to begin some kind of sane dialogue about ATVs and get some feedback as to what your thoughts are.

    Do you own one?
    Would you like to own one?
    Are you against ATV completely and why?
    Are you a land owner who opposes them to ride on your land and why?

    These are some questions to get you thinking. I know that snowmobiling had ample problems initially and those have subsided substantially over the years because of organization, education and dealing with issues of liability.

    Do you think that this is what ATV riders need to do? - become better organized, educate the public and deal with property issues and liability issues with land owners?

    Thoughts please.

  2. Do you own one? No

    Would you like to own one? Yes

    Are you against ATV completely and why? It is like anything else. It is the same whether you drive a car, drive a snowmobile, or even ride a bike. There are rules to the road for cars and there are also rules for ATV users. If we can all abide by them respectfully it can be enjoyable for everybody. This means not driving carelessly, NOT exceeding speed limits, and not trespassing on posted land. It's the ATV riders, snowmobilers, drivers on the road, and bicyclers who pretend there are no laws and guidelines to abide by that ruin it for the rest of us.

    Are you a land owner who opposes them to ride on your land and why? I don't own land but I am not opposed to ATV's on my property if I had some. My wife may think differently... :D

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    I forgot to offer some opinion myself.

    Prior to this fall's hunting, I really didn't have much thought about owning or operating one myself. I know that ATVs can tear up the ground pretty good and stuff like that and I guess I never thought that I had much interest in them until.....

    It is no secret I have a terrible back and at times I have difficulty walking distances and a particularly hard time on uneven surfaces - like in the woods. This fall while at our hunting camp, one of my friends brought an ATV to use while at camp. Because I was having a very difficult time getting around, I was able to use the ATV and get transported to locations very near to my favorite sitting spots.

    I can honestly say that in this instance an ATV was very useful and made me think differently about one.

    That is about the extent of my dealings with them and even though I sure enjoyed having that at my disposal for that week at camp, I'm not sure I would buy one just for that purpose.

  4. Do I own an ATV? No

    Do I want one? No

    Am I opposed to them? I do not think that they should be outlawed or anything, however, I do not hate them, but rather the ATV culture. All of the riders I have had experiences with have behaved in the same way snowmobilers do, tey feel that they have a right to operate their vehicle on private property and this not the case. Furthermore they (ATVs) are highly destructive, especially when operated on soft turf. I am sure someone will point out that trucks are just as destructive, so I might as well address this now. While trucks may be destructive, they are not able to access the same areas ATVs are and therefore have less overall impact. Also, trucks are operated at lower speeds in off road consition when compared to the 40+ MPH that I have personally witnessed a number of ATV users doing.

    Am I a land owner? No, not personally, however, my family does own some land. Experiences with ATV and Snowmobile operators have been less than ideal. None have respected the posted condition of the piece and have proceeded to cut trees down to clear paths across corners of the lot which is clearly marked on the borders.
  5. Ithaca37, I have been up to your family's land hunting and I have witnessed people up there as very rude and disrespectful. It may be the location your land is in and I hope this is not an accurate protrayal of the entire state. I would like to think most people are decent enough to abide by the landowner's requests.

    However, laws are put into place because of those who are disrespecful. When laws seem to govern our ability to do things they can only blame themselves. It is a viscous cycle. People rebel against new laws, only creating more against them, and so on and so on...

    Once people realize that obeying laws only makes it enjoyable for everybody then we can begin to see things turn the other way.
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  7. Do I own one? No
    Do I want one? Absolutely
    It's like anything. You always get a few that act like idiots and ruin it for everyone. I don't think there is a need for being destructive and acting irresponsibly on them. It's getting tougher now up North even on the logging roads. They have to be designated as an ATV trail or you need permission from the landowners and the paper companies aren't giving permission because of liability issues. I am more hesitant to get one now because I would want to be able to cruise the logging roads with them more than anything. My brother has one and loves it. He plows his driveway with it and used to hunt birds off of it a lot until the new laws came about.

    I would allow them to ride on my property until someone starting inflicting damage, and then I'd probably be apt to post it.
  8. Do you own one? yes

    Would you like to own one? Would like to own a better one!

    Are you against ATV completely and why? no, because they have a purpose.

    Are you a land owner who opposes them to ride on your land and why? I am a landowner (125 acres) and I would rather have an ATV on my property than a sled. Of course, no one wants a RETARD staving everything up, but as long as my traps are undisturbed and my treestands stay put, my land will stay open with permission only. I am not hard to find, and giving permission gives me eyeballs when I'm not there! If someone has permission to ride an atv (or hunt) on a piece of property, they tend to keep thier eyes open for troublemakers.

    I do not have a problem with ATV owners.