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Do I own an ATV? No

Do I want one? No

Am I opposed to them? I do not think that they should be outlawed or anything, however, I do not hate them, but rather the ATV culture. All of the riders I have had experiences with have behaved in the same way snowmobilers do, tey feel that they have a right to operate their vehicle on private property and this not the case. Furthermore they (ATVs) are highly destructive, especially when operated on soft turf. I am sure someone will point out that trucks are just as destructive, so I might as well address this now. While trucks may be destructive, they are not able to access the same areas ATVs are and therefore have less overall impact. Also, trucks are operated at lower speeds in off road consition when compared to the 40+ MPH that I have personally witnessed a number of ATV users doing.

Am I a land owner? No, not personally, however, my family does own some land. Experiences with ATV and Snowmobile operators have been less than ideal. None have respected the posted condition of the piece and have proceeded to cut trees down to clear paths across corners of the lot which is clearly marked on the borders.
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