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August Moose

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A friend of mine named Julie sent me a picture of a Moose she just saw...


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That old bag is black ain't she?
Do you know where she saw it?
No but I will ask her!
Did either of you two see the other moose in the back and to the left of that one?
hmmm... now that you mentioned it.... :confused3:
Nope! That's why I ain't got a deer in awhile.
BTW Did you notice the big bull that's just out of the picture on the right?
hmmm... now that you mentioned it.... :confused3:
Man! you fellas are blind!

I can't believe you get any game.
There are two calves in that pic, thier heads are side by each.
Look real close. :shock:
I do see the calf in front of her. I am not sure I can make out two.
I think the calves are conjoined! :boink:
They were, but have had surgery and are now separated. They are doing just fine and are expected to survive and live a somewhat normal life!

I still haven't gotten a response from her where the picture was taken. I know when she sent the picture all she said was Northern Maine.
Can you see the two calves now?

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Oh my goodness.... no wonder deer always go by me and I haven't the foggiest until I pick up on their track. Yes I see them very well now.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Well I got the details. There were in fact 2 baby moose and the picture was taken in Patten, Maine. Here is a picture of the baby moose.

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Ain't that just darlin'?
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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