Augusta show??????

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  1. Did I miss something or is there no Augusta show this year?
  2. Augusta Civic Center August 25/26 this year. I plan to take a few "traders" in case I find something interesting.

  3. Attended the show Saturday. There were some nice firearms to look at but many of the dealers were smoking crack with the prices they had marked on the firearms. Yeah, I know that's just a place to start the "haggling" but they make it such a chore and take offence that someone offers a lower price for this TREASURE. Anything I or anyone else offered in trade was lowballed beyond belief. There was also a lot of junk but wearing premium prices...maybe it was premium junk??? There were some really nice antiques there and most were way out of my price range.

    I am a FFL holder/Dealer in Firearms and know the game; but some of these guys are the ones who give all dealer a bad name. We (dealers in guns or cars, whatever) are in business to make money but not your whole monthly income on one sale...

    Can you answer this for me? There were a bunch of high priced side by side shotguns with people oogling over them. What is the allure? They have never done anything for me, did lots of people grow up with SxS shotguns? These were high dollar and pretty but not regular field guns...Oh well not my thing.
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  4. Mongo, never like a S/S always went for an o/u!!!!
  5. GUN SHOW, yesterday...

    Mongo, you think dealers were on crack back in August... Should have been there yesterday!
    $70 sks [10 years ago] were priced at $700 - $900.
    Old ABUSED Colt AR15's were $2400+.
    Saw a merishnakov AK for $700.

    Top all this with offers for my S&W 656 [carry] at $225 trade value!??? I never offered it for trade, never asked "how much they'd give", just carried it 'open' while I was there.
    Best deal I saw on .223 shells [brass not steel] was $700 per 1000 rounds! I saw one guy spend over $2K on over-priced .223 ammo... talk about a desperate dumbo!

    It makes me sick to see so-called gun dealers GOUGE their customers. We don't stand for it with gas prices during a crisis, so why would anyone buy anything from these greedy bastards from this point on?
    There is a small shop near twitchells in Turner who has marked his stuff up some and can get anything, yes ANYTHING in two days. Please patronize shops like this and leave the rip-off dealers to fondle their overpriced junk.

    "No need to panic folks, with one good hunting rifle [after the SHTF] you can acquire all the AR's and AK's you ever thought you wanted!" (unkown)
  6. Heard things were extreme there......never made it down. Everyone is over reacting to all of it!

    Guess I have to make a run to Turner sometime soon.

    Looking for a good shop that carries reloading stuff, and is fair.
  7. The 2013 State of Maine Sportsman’s Show.

    Dates for the 2013 show are March 29-March 31, 2013.

    Please contact for more info, or to get anexhibitor packet sent to you.

    1-800-698-9501 • 207-622-4242
  8. Anybody going to this? Any good gun shops around where it is? Thinking of taking Kevin ( grandson ) with me if I go..
  9. Here's another link to the Augusta show this weekend with some additional info.

    Moose calling contest Saturday, at 1pm I think. I'm bringing a ringer. He won't win ('cause he's from NH:roflmao: ) but it'll be good to listen to the folks who know what their doing, moose-wise.

    Hope to see you and the young guy there Travis.

    - Jay
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  10. Here is another link to an event coming right up this August.. It is to help save Maine Bear hunting.. 1 free gun/ bow will be given out for every 25 people showing up for this event and fund raiser.