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  1. Just wanted to mention John Holyoke from the Bangor Daily News wrote up a nice little article about Maine Hunting Today in the Saturday paper.

    He has the entire column (with other short stories) online as well. Read it here.

    I also made a blog entry, read that here.

    Check it out and feel free to comment at the blog if you want.
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    Congrads on the plug. Hope it brings a few more folks in to the site.

  3. Yea we got a nice spike in traffic this weekend. I can only assume it was from Holyoke's article.

    A lot of people have contacted me who seem real knowledgable and hopefully some can contribute a hunting tip, story, or review.

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    Gee, I saw the increase in traffic at the site and I had to run quickly over to the home page to see if someone had put a picture of me up over there.
  5. You may have been nice to look at when you were a young buck. Now you an old fart... :lol: :lol: