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Baxter Land Swap

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Whichever way this thing goes, we as hunters and outdoorsmen/women need to pay close attention to what the state does.
It appears that the Agri committee members are striking some kind of compromise deal opening a little less than 2000 acres in the northern section of the 6,000 acres, to hunting, etc. and the southern piece will be limited access.

My concern has always been that we are going to run out of land to hunt and fish on sooner than many realize. We need to make sure if this deal goes through, that the state uses the $5.5 million to buy good usuable public lands with. We all know how these pols work with money in their hands.

These same people who can see behind them and remember Percival Baxter's dream, I hope can see ahead of them far enough to realize the vast lands they so eloquently refer to as wide open hunting terrain, can be gone in a flash, leaving us to ask, "HUH?"
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Be prepared..........public access is dying out at an alarming rate.
I know and Mainers are spoiled and think they will have all the unorganized territories and paper company lands forever.
That's why I am trying to find land to I know where I can hunt.
Win the megabucks and buy up what you can! Maybe buy everything around
Roxanne Quimby & close her off!!! HA!
Or cash in all your chips now, sell your house, cars,everything worth a nickle and organize with a very large group and buy all the land you can buy.

I'll give it ten years and we'll see the paper companies gone from Maine and the Chinese will own Maine's wild lands!

Go ahead Tom, wind me up some more about this Baxter crap. Can't I leave my head in the sand til it's over?
Yeah go ahead. Leave it in the sand but you know what gets exposed when your heads in the sand.

I am so tired of hearing "Hunters have enough land."

You know I think I'll leave it at that because I'm going to get wound up again like you Jack and I'm afraid it is falling on deaf ears.

I do have one question though.

The Maine press is painting the picture that the vast majority of Mainers want this deal to go through with or without equal access to the land. Is this your take on this? Am I a minority in my views? Whoops, that was two questions.
I'm with you Tom. I keep watching people on the news saying how "all mainers want this" but I am not getting the secret kickbacks or a special patch of land like the dealmakers seem to be getting!


I have never been, nor do I intend to go to Baxter State Park, with or without this possible new addition! The land there is already polluted with non-paying anti-everything/yuppie/hope-I-don't-get-lost crowd.
And if they do get lost, guess who has to pay for the wardens to go find their sorry-city ass....the very people they HATE the most. H U N T E R S ! Now aint that a fine howdy-do Margret.

S A V E M A I N E, I M P E A C H B A L D A C H I!
Madjack for Governor!!!!! He's my write-in candidate !!!!!!

The Camo Party? Or is it the red and black plaid party?
OK guys, let's do something about this crap. Let's write to this dipstick! I just sent this email to Gov. Baldachi who's email is [email protected] :
re: Baxter-Gate

Real Maine people DO NOT WANT THIS DEAL! Can it be any more clear? You made promises to sportsmen before you became governor. Then you broke hundreds of your lousy promises and stole funds from IF&W so what do I have to lose by telling you where the bear shits in the woods?
I honestly believe you are getting something big (kickback or retirement property) in exchange for your secret dealings with a multi-billion dollar paper company. A true negotiator would have traded 10 acres of paper land for each & every acre of public land and would have hired someone else to clear-cut it to buy more "public lands".
It appears you have been in bed with the anti-hunt/anti-Maine people attempting to take our hunting & trapping heritage by closing off or trading off our public lands.
Public lands.... Those are lands that [BELONG TO THE PEOPLE OF MAINE]! Not Gov. Baldachi.
I think you are out of touch with your constituency!

Jack Duggins
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That was one fine piece of writing. Baldachi was a nobody when I lived in Bangor and he still is today. We need him out along with half of the southern area leaders.
Press your suit Jack.........your going to AUGUSTA !!!!!!!!!!

Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice job !!!!

Firing off my own email about Baxter- Gate...... adding my voice to yours!!!
Thanks AB someone finally used my coined term Baxtergate. I wondered if it would ever catch on. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

But I think it pretty much describes this whole debacle
I guess yesterday at the committee hearings, George Smith made some interesting accusations about things that the Department of Conservation has been doing. I blogged about it here but

If his accusations are true and he can prove it, this thing I call Baxtergate will really become a nasty rotten mess.
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