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Baitmaster - Bear Goo - Bait Toppers

Northwoods Adventures TV ( in association with BaitMaster products are now selling bear bait toppers. These are factory direct semi-liquid additives that will draw bear in from miles and keep them there until the moment of truth arrives. The scent of Baitmaster Toppers will bring that bear in and when the bruin gets there, he will know it was worth the trip. This product is designed to make your bait the most desired food in the forest. Whether you are competing against natural food sources or the baits of other hunters, Baitmaster Bait Toppers will win out every time.

Available in a variety of scents and flavors including: Blueberry, Black Raspberry, strawberry, banana, and many more.

Packages include:
25lb for $12.50
50lb for $23.00
100 lb for $45.00
* any order over 100lb is at the rate of 0.45 / lb
Plus shipping.

Pick-ups available Two locations: Norway and Acton Maine
Phone: 207-632-0823
e-mail: [email protected]

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