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The bear group that has been meeting for quite some time, has made some recommendations for bear hunting. Briefly,
do away with steel jawed traps
Have to use one trap not two
Study baiting effects on bear - the list of things seemed rediculous
Study trappers and their habits and equipment

Yada Yada. I got really ticked off reading the crap coming out of the meeting. The idiot Fisk, heading up the Maine Friends of Animals, is threatening another referendum in 2007 if Mainers don't change their ways.

He just doesn't understand that maybe in the last referendum, some Mainers, not the transplanted city slicker antis, had some issues with bear hunting and trapping and hounding, but overall, the vast majority of residents, whether they hunt or not, support it.

Why don't theses whackos go spend their time and money doing something worthwhile? Geez!

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I have been a hunter and a trapper most all of my life. But I would support a change in law that ended the bear trapping and the bear dogs. Bait hunting is the one and only management tool that works, ask the "Real Experts".......our biologists. Most traps and snares kill the prey. Not so with bears. Each and everyone has to be shot. Have you ever walked up on a bear trapping site? First there are warning signs to tell you are nearing a trap. then there in the trap is a bear..less than thrilled at the experience and no where near dead!!! You must now shoot this bear to end it. Remember you are only allowed one bear per trapping season as well. Not exactly the best way to end the life of such an incredible animal.
Dogs......suffice it to say you run a pack of these over priced blue blood hounds through the swamps.... hope none get lost and chase a bear up a tree. Here again.........where can he shoot its over and you have a rug. The tourist hunters from the south have kept bear hunts with dogs alive and well in Maine. These are the same people that chase deer with dogs and think that's okay too. I think it's time to rethink our bear strategies and unite as hunters and trappers. Eliminating the obviously cruel.........shows we have souls and really do love what God gave us.
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