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Hunting Tips

Successful hunters know that the best places to locate bears are at food sources. Pre-season scouting increases your success rate. Look for tracks, droppings, broken stems or branches near seasonal food supplies.

Always ask landowner permission before setting baits or starting hounds.

Hunt near food sources that are "in season". Early in the fall, bears are found near clear cuts that produce berries; late in the fall, hunt near sources of beechnuts or acorns.

Scent control is a must for successful hunting over bait. Wear rubber footwear, keep hunting clothing clean, and avoid wearing it in camp where foreign odors can be picked up. Do not smoke on stand. Use cover scent.

Tree stands are dangerous. Secure yourself with a safety strap. Do not climb with a firearm or bow in your hand; instead, use a haul line after safely strapping yourself in.

Practice with your weapon continuously to maintain proficiency. Bears must be hit solidly in the lungs or heart, rather small targets compared to a bear's large body size.

Hunting with hounds is physically demanding. An exercise program will put you in shape to complete a hunt safely.
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