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Bear meat donations for little boy.. please read!

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PLEASE!!!! take a look at this website and hopefully help this young fellow out a bit.. poor kid!!

Jesse is a two year old (just turned two on the sixth of August)- he weighs in at 20lbs 14ozs and was 30 1/2 inches tall. Now my daughter is 8 1/2 months old and is 28 inches tall and weighs just about 17 pounds. .. I hope this can be of some comparision.. she is even under the average weight and perfectly healthy.........

Jesse has Eosinophil Esophagitis, severe food allergies, environmental allergies, failure to thrive, reactive airway disease, low IGA levels and reflux. He should be on a much stronger reflux med but when tested for them he was allergic to all of them.

So far he can only eat rice, apples, grapes, corn, green beans and pears.

I am declaring the bear meat a passed food trial!! Until an endoscopy tells us otherwise. Jesse is doing very well on it and he likes it. We are moving on to Elk next and we are very excited to be able to add new foods to Jesse's diet. His formula consumption is starting to increase now too which is a huge relief! I am very optimistic that we will not have to put the NG tube back in. Jesse wants to thank everyone that is helping us get bear meat!! We love you all....
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Is this someone you know personally?
I do not know the boy but I know his family...
Thanks Moosetowner for that. Keep us updated on the child's progress.
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